IMG_2906May 8, 2016 / Sara Girletz

Human presence, memory as well as representations of family have always been recurring themes in my art practice. Mom, sometimes it’s hard to be a woman. was a visual analysis concerning my relationship with my mom both past and present. The subject matter seen in Mom, sometimes it’s hard to be a woman. was that of my mom and myself both at the age of three. I found it fascinating that these two women were in theory the two women I should know everything about. However I would never meet or ever know these two women. This was based on the idea that we do not recollect our own memories in our early years of life. They did not even know each other and were only brought together by means of photographic compilation. This combination of photographs and other art material was the one brief connection that I would ever experience with them. Furthermore it is the one affiliation they would have with each other. When proposing this work to a gallery I was asked why I referred to the little girls as women? I felt this connected well with the present day identity that both my mom and I take on. Mom, sometimes it’s hard to be a woman. was an onset to a new direction in my art practice. It was the first of many pieces which would aim to display the presence of my identity, body and self in relation to my surroundings. More photos from this installation can be viewed here.



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