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  • by saragirletzart 17 hours ago
    Shapes, colours, patterns, compositions 〰️ Pulling and piecing together inspiration.
  • by saragirletzart 4 days ago
    “Every now and then a girl just wants to go pee off the porch.” ☀️ -Dolly Parton’s answer to Johnny Carson asking her why she bought her family’s little cabin up in the Tennessee hills.
  • by saragirletzart 5 days ago
    Peaceful excitement.
  • by saragirletzart 5 days ago
    Feelin’ feisty
  • by saragirletzart 6 days ago
    or ? Am I a neutral-beige-tan-lovin-queen or am I a burst of colour? Think I’ll be bouncing back and forth on this one forever. Is that allowed?
  • by saragirletzart 2 weeks ago
  • by saragirletzart 3 weeks ago
    Bursting at the seams.
  • by saragirletzart 3 weeks ago
    Had a good chat over FaceTime a couple weeks back with  @ginagriffithsart . Listening to her talk about the routine she’s worked out for herself and her art practice was so good and something I needed to hear. Get creating, keep inspired.
  • by saragirletzart 3 weeks ago
    My house is so cute right now I can’t even  #shamelessselfieisolation 
  • by saragirletzart 1 month ago
    Treated myself to some  @amandaparkerdesign  sparkle ✨ Because why the hell not? ‍♀️  #locallove   #stayhomeandshoponline 
  • by saragirletzart 1 month ago
    VULNERABILITY ALERT Not posting this fishing for compliments. Posting this because these new times are sure to be challenging everyone’s mental and physical self. Movement, wellness and exercise have been important for me and to me the past five years. During this pandemic and even as far back as last summer I’ve been feeling “off” with working out. I’ve been worried, disappointed and I’ve sometimes been unkind with myself about how my body looks, with how I’m lacking a routine, how I feel the workouts I’m choosing aren’t vigorous enough; how when this all ends I hope somebody doesn’t tell
  • by saragirletzart 2 months ago
    Thank you so much to anyone who has given  @gatherplaylists  a like or follow over the last few days! I love music. Anyone who knows me or has been with this account for some time has probably figured that out. I’ve had this idea of making playlists for over a year now. It fulfills that part of me that needs to put things together. I’ve learned that when I find an expressive outlet that is creatively nourishing and excites me, to just pursue it. Even if it is outside the studio. I’m always learning balance between rest / staying busy,