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  • 12DAYSMICYYC Day 12 Booth Set Up  Made it tohellip
    1 day ago by saragirletzart  #12DAYSMICYYC  Day 12: Booth Set Up / Made it to Day 12 of the Etsy Made in Canada Photo Challenge AND the market! ‍♀️ Just a detail of the booth though Come see the whole thing this weekend! Friday ticket only Sneak Peek {5-9pm} and Saturday {10-5pm}  @etsycalgary   @etsy   #etsymadeincanada   #etsycalgarymic   #teametsycalgary   #homebodybysaragirletz 
  • 12DAYSMICYYC Day 11 Getting Ready  Just one more forhellip
    2 days ago by saragirletzart  #12DAYSMICYYC  Day 11: Getting Ready / Just one more for  @etsycalgary . I always try to not be making things the day before a market, but sometimes I just can't help myself. ‍♀️ See the finished piece at tomorrow's Sneak Peek {5-9pm} The market is also open to the public Saturday from 10-5pm. Come out and support small, local, handmade businesses  @etsycalgary   @etsy   #etsymadeincanada   #etsycalgarymic   #teametsycalgary 
  • 12DAYSMICYYC Day 10 I Etsy  Now dont get mehellip
    3 days ago by saragirletzart  #12DAYSMICYYC  Day 10: I ❤️Etsy / Now don't get me wrong. I love curling my hair up big, chatting and taking in the lively atmosphere of markets. So much. But I'm also a fan of high ponytails and listing items in my jammies ‍♀️ {Like this much loved blue patterned mini house I just restocked this evening --back by popular demand. Link to shop is in profile} It's quite something to finish a hard day's work in the studio and then have it uploaded and instantly available to the world. Swing by  @etsycalgary  happening this weekend  @genesiscentre  to see these…
  • 12DAYSMICYYC Day 9 Fall Favourite  Cheers to a wildhellip
    4 days ago by saragirletzart  #12DAYSMICYYC  Day 9: Fall Favourite / Cheers to a wild summer and even yummier fall. Looking forward to warm drinks, darker shades of lipstick, and making things with a little more routine that the brisker months provide.  @etsycalgary   #etsymadeincanada   #etsycalgarymic   #teametsycalgary 
  • 12DAYSMICYYC Day 7 I Alberta  Every time I gohellip
    6 days ago by saragirletzart  #12DAYSMICYYC  Day 7: I ❤️Alberta / Every time I go for a drive {particularly in south eastern Alberta} I see things a bit differently. My ties to the prairies run deep. Really to break it down and simplify it, everything I make is just a continued love note to those dry, windy horizons that are three days long. I'll have prints of this photo available at this weekend's market! I'm also adding a selection of photos to my Etsy shop next week.  @etsycalgary   @etsy   #etsymadeincanada   #etsycalgarymic   #teametsycalgary 
  • 12DAYSMICYYC Day 6 How I weekend  The weekend beforehellip
    1 week ago by saragirletzart  #12DAYSMICYYC  Day 6: How I weekend / The weekend before a market, is never really a weekend. I'll mostly be stumbling around the studio covered in paint and sawdust this Saturday/Sunday. I'm alright with that though  @etsycalgary   @etsy   #etsymadeincanada   #etsycalgarymic   #teametsycalgary 
  • 12DAYSMICYYC Day 5 TGIF  One week until etsycalgary hellip
    1 week ago by saragirletzart  #12DAYSMICYYC  Day 5: TGIF / One week until  @etsycalgary  ‍♀️ Have you got your tickets for next Friday night's Sneak Peek? {Ticket holders get first dibs on all handmade items like my  #homebodybysaragirletz  mini houses As well as a chance to win some pretty rad gift baskets filled with all kinds of vendor goodies}  @etsy   #etsymadeincanada   #etsycalgarymic   #teametsycalgary 
  • 12DAYSMICYYC Day 4 Tools of the Trade  Palette kniveshellip
    1 week ago by saragirletzart  #12DAYSMICYYC  Day 4: Tools of the Trade / Palette knives, paint brushes {varying sizes}, squeegee, power sander, corner vises, hammer, drill, c clamps, nails, scissors, painters tape, screws, rags, belt sander, compound mitre saw, sandpaper, wire brushes, camera, drawing board {large and extra large size}, pencils, oil pastels, post its, and a screwdriver. I think that's everything. Just a few of the essentials, you know ☺️  @etsycalgary   @etsy   #etsymadeincanada   #etsycalgarymic   #teametsycalgary 
  • 12DAYSMICYYC Day 3 I Calgary  I do now anywayshellip
    1 week ago by saragirletzart  #12DAYSMICYYC  Day 3: I ❤️Calgary / I do now anyways. I grew up in rural Alberta and to be honest when I first moved here I was overwhelmed by the fast paced energy of the city. I felt quite lonely, homesick and out of place for a few years and then finally decided I better choose to be happy, or else move. Perspective is everything when it comes to happiness and any place can be awesome, as long as you allow time to adjust and make an effort to find the right people and places that give you whatever comfort…
  • 12DAYSMICYYC Day 2 Workspace  Love this time of dayhellip
    2 weeks ago by saragirletzart  #12DAYSMICYYC  Day 2: Workspace / Love this time of day when the light pours in on my home based studio; it's magic hour. The tea that's around has reached perfect drinking temperature and whatever I'm listening to {music, podcasts, artist documentaries} has probably been shut off. Observations become easier and the work just, flows. This usually happens around 4:30ish these days. It's a fulfilling state to be in, paired with a great place to work ✨  @etsycalgary   @etsy   #etsymadeincanada   #etsycalgarymic   #teametsycalgary   #homeinthestudio 
  • 12DAYSMICYYC Day 1 Selfie Introduction  Im excited to behellip
    2 weeks ago by saragirletzart  #12DAYSMICYYC  Day 1: Selfie Introduction / I'm excited to be taking part in the  @etsycalgary  market happening September 22nd + 23rd  @genesiscentre  ‍♀️‍♀️ Over the next 12 days I along with other vendors will be participating in the 12 Days of Etsy : Made in Canada Photo Challenge. Follow me as well as the hashtag  #12DAYSMICYYC  to learn more about each vendor and see behind the scenes pictures as we all get ready! A little bit about myself: I'm 28 and decided to stay in Calgary after moving here to complete my BFA in painting at the Alberta College of…